What is PH value?

  • pH is an indication of acidity & alkalinity of the fluid.
  • A . pH value increases from 0 to 14, where 0 to 6.5 is acidic, 7 is neutral and from 7.5 to 14 is alkaline.( please refer to benefits of alkaline water in same website  where pH Scale is also shown).

What do you mean by Balanced pH?

Human blood has pH leval  of 7.4 Every intake consumed by human being is to be converted to 7.4 blood pH. So highly acidic or highly alkaline intake may create fatigue to the digestion system.

How should I out from AMC?

  • A) it’s very easy to opt out from AMC  program during following reasons:-
    • a) Customer shifted to the location where Prathmesh Enterprises dose not having service platform.
    • b) Customer unhappy with the services.
    • c) Any reasons other than above. It is just your call away. Costumer just have to fill the prescribed form which our service technician (Relationship Manager) will come along with at your doorstep. Customer will get money refunded by cheque. Following charges will be deducted as a service rendered and cancellation charges.
      • a) Spare parts used during mandatory service (Consumables) and while repairing the systems as per our price list.
      • b) Labor charges for each mandatory or complaints service.
      • c) Cancellation charges of Rs.200/-.  Balance Payment will be refunded at your doorstep by our Relationship manager. You just have to handover original AMC form singed manually at the time of commencement of AMC to our Relationship manager.

Is under repair product may register in AMC?

  • Under repair machine will not eligible to enter into AMC. Such under repair machine will be examined by our service technician. Quotation to make it in working condition will be provided. Customer has pay to make the system in working condition and from the next day system may inroll to AMC.
  • This clause is not valid for the unit which is already under AMC and immediate next day of the expiry of last AMC date it is renewed.

Should I continue with the AMC for new product purchased by replacing the existing unit which is in AMC?

    • Yes of course. You also can enjoy the benefits of warranty claims offered by OEM. Our AMC tenure will extend to the warranties offered by demo.
    • Only you just have to pay additional amount for the up gradation of the system as technology or  as per our price list or otherwise tenured for the difference amount cost also adjusted.

May I get discounts from you by online products?

      • we have fare price guaranty offer our philosophy of working is “FIXED PRICE” so you may get same pricing at all our openings.Place of mind FIX RATE POLICY.

should I have to remind for mandatory service?

      • No sir, we will come to you during mandatory services by having your commitment appointment. we follow TANTUM operating system for the same it reminds us as a red yellow green color Only during the complaint calls you have to log complaint at our service department.

How Should I log complaint during non official timing?

      • A) You have the multiple following option to log complaint during non-office hours service –for service.
        • a) What’s app or SMS on 992236000 for sales 9657666600
        • b) Log complaint on our website www.prathmeshent.in contact us tale by submitting complaint from
        • c) Log complaint on email : prathmeshent@gmail.com

Long From AMC/CMC?

      • AMC -> Annual maintenance contract
      • CMC -> Compressive
      • Annual maintenance contract both are for the tenure 1 Year 2 year 3years & 5Years

Have you provide presale visit?

      • Yes we are very strong at pre sale demo visit pre sale visits benefited to choose letter systems WRT technology value for money , site suits, optimum utilization him point selection.

which is your area of operation?

      • Nashik district is core staring area of operation for Prathmesh Enterprises currently
      • Prathmesh enterprises is in its beings stronger Process to make for geographical expansion under collaborative WIN- WIN methodology.